Commercial Litigation,  Business Law, Real Estate Disputes, and Construction Defects.

Truth Guided, Relationship Driven.

The Boatman Law Firm is a litigation boutique that provides skilled legal services to a broad range of clients along the entire conflict continuum, from pre-suit strategy, through negotiations, case filing and trial, as well as the appellate process, if necessary. Though located in Southwest Florida, the Boatman Law Firm is able to provide its clients with legal services for matters pending anywhere in the state and is able to do so cost-effectively.

Founded by an experienced state and federal court litigator and empowered by leading-edge technology, including a paperless case management system and unparalleled trial presentation tools, the Boatman Law Firm is a small litigation firm that is comfortable going head-to-head with anyone, be they large firms or governmental entities.

Being “Truth Guided”, the Boatman Law Firm was founded on the belief that objective truth has intrinsic power in the dynamics of conflict; that the “resonance” of truth creates palpable leverage in communications; and that when one advocates from a position founded in objective truth, that advocate’s argument resonates uniquely.

Because it is “Relationship Driven”, the Boatman Law Firm provides the same high level of diligence, efficacy, and efficiency whether the client is a Fortune 500 company that needs to aggressively prosecute litigation or an individual who simply needs pragmatic consultation regarding something that has arisen in the walk of life.

While the Boatman Law Firm cannot ensure its clients victory in every battle, it can assure its clients they will be provided with the highest level of legal services in a way designed to give them the best possible opportunity to make sound decisions and achieve their goals through the evolution and resolution of the dispute in which they are involved.