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FHA Foreclosure Moratorium

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has announced relief for those affected by Hurricane Irma. HUD has announced several different programs for relief. These may be of some help to you: 90-day… Read More

Hurricane Irma and “Frustration of Purpose”

Hurricane Irma has affected Southwest Florida in many different ways. For some, their business plans have been shattered as a result of the devastation. Such shattered business endeavors could implicate an interesting legal doctrine called… Read More

Little Known Alternative to Bankruptcy

Chapter 727 Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors Assignment for the benefit of creditors is generally thought of as a state court version of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for a business. Some compare it to… Read More

Post Judgment Interest Rates

In 2011, the Florida Legislature passed an amendment that made post judgment interest rates subject to annual change by the State CFO. As a result, post judgment interest rates have been effected as follows. Judgments… Read More

The Down Side of Restraining Orders in Florida

How important protections for victims can turn into tools of coercion Restraining Orders in Florida Florida Statute Section 784.046 allows a victim of repeat violence, dating violence or sexual violence to obtain a protective injunction… Read More